COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols

In order for the Custodial Department to concentrate its efforts on the disinfection plans for common area spaces in all buildings throughout the workday, Custodial staff will need to partner with building users to maintain offices. To reduce the number of people entering private spaces on a regular basis, custodial work in offices will be scheduled through a service request

Other steps you can take:

  • Coordinate with the Custodial department leadership member responsible for your building, and provide information that can help determine the best cleaning/disinfection plan for your area. Contact information for each building’s custodial leadership member can be found on the homepage. Examples of helpful information include:
    • Identifying special use rooms (e.g., weight rooms)
    • Schedule for events in your building
    • Frequency of room use
  • Disinfection kits will be made available in public areas in buildings or centralized areas of office suites, as needed. Use these kits to disinfect areas you in your office space, such as table tops, chair arms, etc.
  • You can request personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and other supplies and equipment by working through your supervisor or department's administrative staff. 
  • Contact or your building’s custodial leadership member if you have questions or concerns regarding your building’s disinfection plan.

The Custodial department will be focused on making the public areas of campus as safe as possible by implementing specific disinfection plans for each building. All buildings have different needs, but the following cleaning protocols are true in all buildings:

  • High touch point disinfection multiple times a day
    • Light switches
    • Elevator buttons 
    • Door handles
    • Crash bars
    • Hand rails 
  • Restroom disinfection twice a day
    • Disinfect fixtures 
    • Touch points
  • Spraying high-use rooms with a hypochlorous acid solution disinfectant
  • Addressing the specific disinfection needs of buildings

Your safety and building cleanliness are very important at KU. Thank you for your cooperation. 

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