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Custodial Services works to ensure that KU facilities are clean, safe and healthy environments in which to live, learn and work.

Building Contacts

Custodial Staff Buildings Shift
Hunt, Sean
3rd Shift Assistant Supervisor
  • Capitol Federal Hall
  • Robinson Gymnasium
  • Summerfield Hall
10:30pm - 7:00am Su-Thu
McKeever, Brandon
1st Shift Assistant Supervisor
  • Birdwell
  • Core Labs
  • Eco Hawk
  • Foley
  • Greenhouse
  • Hambleton
  • High Bay
  • Higuchi Annex
  • Higuchi Hall
  • Kurata
  • Library Annex
  • McCollum Labs
  • Moore
  • Multidisiplinary Research Building (MRB)
  • Nichols Hall
  • Parker Hall
  • Phar Chem Labs
  • Shankel Structural Biology Center
  • Simons Labs
  • Smissman Labs
  • Youngberg Hall
7:30am - 4:00pm M-F
Rule, Peggy
3rd Shift Assistant Supervisor
  • Anschutz Library
  • Audio Reader
  • Carruth-O'Leary
  • JRP Hall
  • Max Kade
  • Sudler Annex
  • Watson Library
10:30pm - 7:00am Su-Thu
Dye, Kayla
3rd Shift Supervisor
  • Hilltop Child Development Center
  • School of Pharmacy Building
10:30pm - 7:00am Su-Thu
Haynes, Lacy
3rd Shift Assistant Supervisor
  • Budig Hall
  • Snow Hall
  • Strong Hall
  • Wescoe Hall
10:30pm - 7:00am Su-Thu
Alfers, Brian
1st Shift Assistant Supervisor
  • Chalmers Hall
  • Lindley Hall
  • Marvin Hall
  • Marvin Studios
  • Murphy Hall
  • Ritchie & Slawson Halls
6:00am - 2:30pm M-F
Payne, Leslie
2nd Shift Assistant Supervisor
  • Airport
  • Center for Design Research
  • Chamney House
  • Ellsworth Annex (NTS)
  • Facilities Services Shop and Garage
  • Fraser Hall
  • Green Hall
  • Landscape Facility
  • Maintenance & Surplus Property
  • Military Science Building
  • Multicultural Resource Center
  • Nunemaker Hall
  • Price Computing Center
  • Smith Hall
  • Spooner Hall
  • Visitors Center
  • Wesley Hall
  • Warehouse
4:00pm - 12:30am M-F
Caro, Donnell
1st Shift Assistant Supervisor
  • Hall Center for the Humanities
  • Haworth Hall
  • Malott Hall
6:00am - 2:30pm M-F
Buman, Arlene
2nd Shift Assistant Supervisor
  • Eaton Hall
  • Learned Hall
  • LEEP 2
4:00pm - 12:30am M-F
Alfers, Chris
1st Shift Assistant Supervisor
  • Bailey Hall
  • Blake Hall
  • Danforth Chapel
  • Dyche Hall
  • Lippincott Hall
  • Spencer Library
  • Spencer Art Museum
  • Stauffer-Flint Hall
  • Twente Hall
  • Watkins Home
6:00am - 2:30pm M-F
Shepard, Becky
1st Shift Supervisor
  • Dole Institute of Politics
  • East Hills
  • Entomology
  • Life Sciences Research Laboratory (LSRL)
  • Nessa Research Facility
  • Public Safety Office
  • St. Andrews Office Facility
  • University Press Offices
  • University Press Warehouse
7:30am - 4:00pm M-F
Novotny, William
1st Shift Supervisor
  • Dole Center
  • Edna A. Hill Child Development Center
  • Military Science Building
6:00am - 2:30pm M-F
Lauer, Cameron
Director of Custodial Operations
  • Custodial Operations
6:00am - 4:00pm M-F

Custodian of the Month Header

Lewis Ashworth standing on stairs with brightly lit windows behind him.

Lewis Ashworth
Lewis has worked at KU since 2013 and is as dedicated as they come. He is a true leader and completely selfless with his time. He never fails to show up and give 100%, no matter the task large or small and has become a valuable mentor and team member on West Campus.